There are many things I can say about the high quality of service I provide to my home seller and home buyer clients, but probably none would be as credible as testimonials from some of my recent clients themselves.

So please take a moment to read the following testimonials.


Testimonial – David Flores

Gigi is hard working, detailed agent that overcomes all obstacles to close my short sale. For several years she kept in touch with me and built a relationship until I was ready to sell my house. Due to the change in market conditions, it became a short sale.

Gigi found a Buyer with a large cash deposit who fell in love with the house . When the property didn’t appraise and the bank wanted more than the appraised value, she negotiated a resolution.

The house has a 2 story guest house which the appraiser said was not legal. Gigi worked with the city of North Miami Beach to resolve many issues regarding the legality of the guest house, the perimeter fence and swimming pool. The deadline for the short sale closing was 12/25/10. We closed the sale at 6pm on 12/25. It was a Christmas miracle.

Gigi is a true worrier and a straight-shooter. I will never forget the obstacles Gigi Krop overcame to sell my house. The next time I need a Realtor, I know who to call.


Testimonial - Sasha Katz, Esq.- Short Sale Expert

June 14, 2012 -

Dear Sir or Madam:

For the last six years, my office has been working closely with Gigi Krop in numerous

real estate transactions. Ms. Krop handles transactions in a smooth, efficient, ethical manner. As

a team, our office and Ms. Krop have assisted our mutual clients in reaching their real estate

goals whether selling or purchasing properties.

Ms. Krop has a rich understanding of the market in the Miami Shores – Biscayne Park

area. She is a resident of El Portal and intricately involved in community affairs. Her contacts

stretch from neighbors in the community, building and permit officers and multiple financial

institutions. She is reliable and goes far beyond the call to satisfy her clients and to bring the

transaction to a close.

It is my opinion that Ms. Krop is an asset to any transaction as well as an ethical, reliable

real estate professional. Our office looks forward to teaming with Ms. Krop to continue to meet

the needs of buyers and sellers in South Florida.


Sasha Katz, Esq.

For the firm